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I was in SUCH AN AMAZING MOOD after our call Then I saw that and I was like "you got to be fucking kidding me"I guess it is a karma thing Months ago, it was constant misery with only occasional glimmers of alright-ness Now I'm having intense, constant happiness and fulfillment and loving appreciation with only occasional dips into emotional sewege due to some microsoft-related software problems Being a volunteer soldier in a war largely considered criminal by most of the western world for the fact we aren't paying the west NATO N33T bux or giving them cummies would have been a good excuse to suspend me But the minute you talk shit about a statue in Denmark, Skype employees get fucking pissed Jokes on them Microsoft headquarters is about to get a fucking interest early Christmas gift Writing Commissions - 7 USD For Every 1000 Words Pretty self explanatory Lowest my prices have ever been Temporary offer!