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Summoning: All over the world, people like Baylie Brown (pictured) have filmed their terrified reactions after playing the infamous Charlie Charlie Challenge, which is meant to summon a 'Mexican demon' Chilling: The video of Baylie (pictured) from Missouri, United States, shows her screaming and running away after playing the game - but children playing it in the Dominican Republic are mysteriously turning up with 'inexplicable bruises' after doing the same Panic: The game (pictured in USA) - which involves balancing one pencil on top of another and daring the demon to move it - has also caused problems in Colombia where four high school students were hospitalised with 'mass hysteria' after playing it Hoax: Since going viral, the phenomenon has been seized upon by internet comedians such as Krystian Syku (pictured) who have staged paranormal activities such as books falling off the table (background) while playing Scientists put the supernatural phenomenon down to simple gravity and behaviour known as 'response expectancy', which means people will try to move the pencil through their movement or breathing without realising because they are so engrossed in the moment.